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Have you ever thought how people from a few generations back had led their lives? They have faced all sorts of problems around them. As per nature’s theory of survival of the fittest they equipped themselves to fight against. The techniques and methodologies used are elaborated in The Lost Ways. You would be amazed as you would turn through the pages. It takes more time to learn and practice the skills to use them practically but it is definitely worth it.

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There are several things done by our great grandfathers to handle several hardships. People have survived without electricity, fuel and did not have ways to buy food mainly during natural or human-made disasters, strikes, and several other reasons.

When we talk about these scenarios all you can think of having their own garden yielding vegetables, natural fire is creating methods. There are few simple constituents which don’t spoil easily and lasts for a long time.

There are few basic recipes to know to prepare food, which was passed from our ancestors. This food was nutritionally rich and stays good for months together.

We are human beings, and we should prove that we are far smarter than the other living species in safeguarding ourselves.

What To Expect

Being aware of few lifesaving things are helpful during severe conditions as a natural calamity. When you have no other go, rather than standing against the problem, then you have to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

When you are stuck with a problem, don’t panic unless you are in a dangerous situation and you don’t have even few minutes left. If you have some time left, prepare yourself.

Basic Points To Remember

· Don’t waste anything when in adverse situation
· You should know what to do when there is a lack of antiseptics and disinfectants.
· You should be able to think independently and not get confused or shocked.
· You can’t expect all of our old methodologies used to be applicable in our modern world.

Take the ones which will work out.

What did our ancestors do differently?

After so much of explanations let me list down a few things that they did in the early ages:

1. Having traps which never fail to catch hold of animals to eat.
2. Storing water for months to years together.
3. Made long lasting foods which had all health benefits.
4. prepared natural bandages to cure wounds
5. They made the best knives
6. Built cellars to store root vegetables
7. How to be clean though there were no facilities available.
8. They make survival bark bread from the soft layers of a pine tree. The inner bark is dried in the sun or cooked on the fire, using a mortar the bark is ground into flour. The flour can be used for making bread the traditional way or to make porridge.


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