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Erectile Dysfunction can be common in many men, and often they refrain from expressing it or come forward to cure it. Though there are medicines available to get it treated like sildenafil that is not the only alternate.

You can try doing several Erectile Dysfunction Exercises to get rid of it. To bring back the normal erectile functionality, the best suggestion would be pelvic exercises. There are specific pelvic muscle training exercises available which can help in curing ED as well the other related pelvic issues.

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The primary goal of the pelvic floor exercises is to improve the pelvic muscles and is often called as kegel exercises. Most women prefer to do Kegel exercises to regain the pelvic muscle strength after having a child. Kegels help in increased urinary incontinence and also improves sexual health.

Most people think Kegel exercises are meant only for women, but it can be helpful for men too. The bulbocavernosus muscles can be strengthened with the help of Kegel exercises. Many may not be aware of the functions of these muscles. They allow the penis to blow up with blood when erected, helps in pumping during erection n and also aids in emptying the urethra soon after urinating.

Kegel Exercises
Knowing what the kegel muscles are vital before you intend to strengthen them. To accurately know where the pelvic floor muscles are is to interrupt your urine stream multiple time during urinating. The muscles you try to hold tight to do so are the muscles which need exercise.

To do Kegel exercises you have to squeeze the muscles and should try to hold them for approximately five seconds and then relax again. Keep repeating the exercise in 10 or 20-time repetition several times both morning and in the night at least twice a day. There is no exact position in which you should do this exercise. You can do sitting in a place, standing or lying down. You can make use of the times you wait for a traffic signal or long queues instead of allotting separate time for exercising.
Don’t try too hard in doing more than ten Kegels at a time right on the first try. You can start with less number of repetition and eventually can increase the number of times.

Be sure you are always breathing and are not holding on to your stomach, or any of your lower body muscles. Keep relaxing on every count of five. You can either do long or short squeezes which are up to you.

The another method of Kegels is holding your anal muscles as if you are avoiding a bowel movement. You can hold on for roughly 10seconds as you continue to breathe continuously and then slowly relax the muscles.

Apart from these advantages, the pelvic floor exercises can help to reduce the erectile dysfunctionality. They can assist in reducing the urinary incontinence, reducing dripping of urine after urinating and moreover increases the sexual experience.


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